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I've been living and breathing news for more than three decades. Without a doubt, the endless benefits that come as a result of good journalism far outweight any negatives brought by a few poor-quality sources or, even worse, some poor-quality news distribution outlets.

I grew up in an age of paper and witnessed the transition of news to digital firsthand. Problem is, this transition to digital is yet to be complete, because digital brought quantity but diluted the quality. High quality news is still being produced. Yes, things change, but good reporting and news coverage remain.

I've worked tirelessly over the past two years to be confident in this statement: for those in search of being informed, UBNM is here to help point you in the right direction(s). Upgrade your entire news experience by discovering news in a whole new way.

— Matt, UBNM Founder

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Stop wasting time on low quality news and/or searching for reliable news sources. Our highly customizable news application will give you a unique & curated news experience each and every day — even multiple times per day. The more you interact with your UBNM news feed, the more fine-tuned your curated news experience will be.

How can a static news page or feed fill the needs of each and every unique reader? The answer is simple: it can't and it doesn't.

We are not rewriting the news, but we are redefining discovery of relevant, reliable news.

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