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How many topics can I choose to follow?

You can customize your news to include up to eight different news topics. You can select topics on your account settings page.

What if I don't want to use all eight topics?

You can choose up to eight topics, but you don't have to use all eight. If you wish to use fewer than eight, simply leave one or more topic fields empty on your account settings page.

Am I allowed to choose topics that are not included in your main list of topics?

Yes, if you don't see what you're looking for in the predefined list of news topics, click "Choose a new topic (not in the main list)" to enter your own unique news topic to track. Currently, you are allowed to choose any topic (not from the predefined list) for one of your eight total topics.

Am I really able to choose any topic that I want?

If you do choose to define your own topic instead of selecting a predefined topic, be as specific as possible. Being as specific as possible will help to ensure the best possible news experience. Topics that are too narrow in subject matter or too time-sensitive may not perform as well as more thought-out topics that target a very specific area of news.

Am I able to set the order of news topics that display on my News page?

To change the order of topics -- how they are displayed on your news page -- simply drag and drop them on your account settings page.

Can I make topic requests to be included in the main list of new topics?

If you feel there is a noteworthy omission from the predefined list of topics, get in touch and let us know. We'll review all requests individually.

I have another question that is not addressed here.

For additional questions, please contact us.